About Us

Wellsmith is an always-available digital platform helping consumers by simplifying health management. Every day, Wellsmith engages consumers in simple, actionable ways to guide their health according to personalized plans prescribed by their healthcare providers. Healthcare providers, in turn, can monitor and manage the care for their chronic disease populations with data from connected health devices like scales, blood pressure cuffs, and glucose readers.

Our Story

“For the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children in America may have shorter life expectancies than their parents.”

Jeanne and Yuri Teshler thought of their own five children as they read the headline. They were shocked to learn that 50% of Americans are projected to be obese in ten years.

As serial entrepreneurs with decades of experience consulting in consumer and health industries, they knew that healthcare needed to dramatically change to be reoriented around the consumer – the patient – before it was too late. They founded Wellsmith in 2015, and spent the next year and a half in trials with Cone Health, a leading integrated, not-for-profit health system based in North Carolina. Cone Health’s patients tested and helped refine Wellsmith’s platform, and proved that patients will enthusiastically comply with doctors’ prescribed care plans with a little help.