Wellsmith helps you help your patients take control of their health. Remove the friction of non-compliance with real-time data between visits that’s simple to manage.

With Wellsmith, patients are accountable to their care plans, and you can reach more patients.

Empower Patients to Own Their Health

Wellsmith’s proven platform holds patients accountable to their personalized care plans and guides healthy choices. Patients on Wellsmith are empowered to manage their health with simple reminders, actionable feedback and direct interaction with care teams as needed. HIPAA-compliant messaging and real-time data sharing elevate your Doctor-Patient relationships to frictionless collaboration.

Healthier Patients. Happier Care Providers.

Wellsmith helps you give chronic disease patients the attention and actions they need to reverse declining health. Our dashboard automates real-time health data, so you can assess patients between visits and intervene early if necessary, without any friction. Better outcomes and more positive Doctor-Patient interactions go a long way to alleviate care provider burnout.

More Patients Getting More Personalized Care

Wellsmith creates a more personal, proactive relationship with patients – yet reduces the need for face-to-face interventions. Our platform automates prioritization, so Care Providers can identify and focus more productively on Patients with pressing needs for follow-up. Over time, as Patients learn to proactively manage their health with Wellsmith, your capacity increases to help even more Patients: a virtuous cycle.

How it Works

Continuous digital engagement holds patients accountable and improves outcomes.

What Our Partners Say

Wellsmith is a support tool for Physicians. It allows them to personalize patient care and helps patients stay on track.”

Mona Easter
Chief Nursing Officer | Annie Penn Hospital