A Healthier You is Waiting

Wellsmith makes it easy to manage your health – one day at a time. Get real-time guidance and personalized support from a dedicated Care Team to achieve your health goals.

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Why Wellsmith?

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Pharmacy Discounts

Free or discounted medication and pharmacy supplies.

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Simple, practical tips that fit your life and help you stay on track.

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Personalized Care Plan

Your prescribed Care Plan simplified into a daily list of actions in the Wellsmith app with automatic reminders.

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Real-Time Support

A direct line to your Care Team through in-app messaging for one-on-one support when you need it.

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Digital Health Devices

Automatically sync your health data with Wellsmith to manage and track everything in one place.

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Easy-to-Read Reports

Dashboards show your daily, weekly and monthly health data to help you track progress along your health journey.

Healthy Living is Simple with Wellsmith

The Wellsmith app simplifies your prescribed Care Plan into daily actions, and connects you to your Care Team for personalized support right when you need it. Follow daily reminders to test your blood sugar, take your medication, check your weight, and reach your step goal to build habits that turn your healthy day into a healthy life.

How Much Does Wellsmith Cost?

Wellsmith is covered under all Cone Health Employee Benefit Plans, and is free to join. Active Wellsmith participants also save money on certain medications and on their health plan monthly costs with the Healthy Lifestyle Premium Program.

Choice Plan

Free diabetes medication, glucose test strips, and lancets.

Save Plan

Discounts on diabetes medications, glucose test strips, and lancets until plan deductible is met. After, medications, test strips, and lancets are free.

Focus Plan

Free diabetes medication, glucose test strips, and lancets.

Wellsmith is powered by the Cone Health employee health plan benefits and is available to UMR-covered members and eligible dependents, ages 18 years and older, who meet the Wellsmith requirements. Each participant must individually register for Wellsmith, and each eligible participant will receive their own devices. To receive pharmacy benefits, you must actively participate in Wellsmith by following your Care Plan and log glucose readings, medication, weight, and daily activity. If you do not qualify for Wellsmith, please call Active Health Management at 1-855-6577.