Diana Gonzalez is a woman of many talents and her experience in behavior design might just be our favorite of them all.  Diana joined Wellsmith as our UX Designer when she found an opportunity to use her behavior design experience to influence healthy decision making and fell in love with the idea of utilizing her knowledge to help others get better. “I like that it’s a start up and everything moves fast. I like that we’re doing a complete re-design of a product, so we have the freedom to create what it’s going to be,” says Diana when asked what she enjoys about her career at Wellsmith.

Diana is advancing the Wellsmith mission by using design to help drive the product, which helps the team narrow their focus to key aspects.  “I feel that we’re proactive in terms of the user experience, we test and talk with users before launching the product rather than waiting to find the issues after launch,” says Diana, and she knows this will make the launch more successful. The collaborative atmosphere at Wellsmith is vital for Diana’s success: “I like the way that providing feedback to each other is not threatening, but constructive.  We’re all trying to do the best for the product and the user, and together we can reach a higher purpose that’s more than making money.” This teamwork driven mentality, and desire to help others is what makes Diana a perfect fit for the Wellsmith team.

An experienced traveler, yoga teacher-in-training, origami expert, and rumored connoisseur in the kitchen, Diana has become an integral and fascinating piece of Wellsmith.  Check out her website to see some of her great work.