What is Wellsmith?

Wellsmith is a digital health platform that makes healthy living easy every day. Wellsmith’s platform connects to Bluetooth health devices to capture health data and sync it to your prescribed Care Plan.

Wellsmith sends you daily reminders, based on your health goals and digital care plan, to keep you on track with your medications, weight, and activity goals, so you can take control of your health and live well. Wellsmith also connects you to your Care Provider so they can see your progress and send health guidance and support when and where you need it- all on your smartphone through the Wellsmith app.

Who is my Wellsmith Support Team?

One of the great benefits of Wellsmith is the connection to your Care Team, and a Support Team, who are readily available to guide you on your journey to better health.

Who is my Care Team?

Your Care Team is comprised of healthcare professionals who are here to support and educate you. When should I contact my Care Team? Contact your Care Team with any medical questions or medical changes.  This can include things such as asking what time you should take your glucose measurements, or letting your Care Team member know if you’ve changed medications.

Where can I download the app?  

The Wellsmith app can be downloaded from your phone’s app store or by clicking on the stores below.

iPhone App Store

Click HERE to access the Wellsmith app in your iPhone’s app store.

Android's Google Play Store

Click HERE to access the Wellsmith app in your Android’s Google Play Store.

Phone Compatibility

Is Wellsmith compatible with all smartphones?


Wellsmith is compatible with all iPhones 5 models or newer using iOS 10 or later

Wellsmith is compatible with phones using Android 5 or higher and the following  phone models:

  • Samsung S5 or greater
  • Samsung Note 7 & 8
  • Google Nexus 5 & 6

You can view a list of all unsupported phones HERE

Will Wellsmith work on my phone?


You can check your phone’s compatibility with Wellsmith HERE.


How can I find out if I am eligible for Wellsmith?


Currently, Wellsmith is covered under select benefits plan. You can check your eligibility HERE.

How much does Wellsmith cost?


Wellsmith is covered under select insurance benefits plans and comes at no cost to the participant.

Where do I sign up?


To sign up for the Wellsmith program, please complete THIS questionnaire and a Wellsmith representative will reach out to you.

Getting Started

 How does Wellsmith work?


Wellsmith participants receive the Bluetooth-enabled health devices prescribed by their Care Provider, all connected to their smartphone. Wellsmith sends daily, actionable reminders and simple tips to guide participants on what they need to do to manage their health, and provides a direct line to their Care Team to receive medical guidance when they need, straight to their smartphone.

Will my doctor know I’m on Wellsmith?


It all depends on your benefits program. Your doctor may be the one who prescribes Wellsmith to you, and they will create your digital care plan, monitor your progress and provide medical guidance as you need it.

If you are enrolled in an employee health benefits program, your Care Team will create your digital care plan, monitor your progress and provide medical guidance as needed. Wellsmith won’t communicate with your Doctor on this plan, so we recommend you to talk to your Doctor about your Wellsmith program and review your progress with them at your next appointment.

What should I do at my next doctor’s visit?


We strongly encourage you to share your Wellsmith experience and progress.  Like Wellsmith, your doctor wants to support you on your journey toward better health.  We recommend you bring your smartphone with you to your next appointment, and show your doctor all you have accomplished on Wellsmith.

Is there a social community I can join for support?


When you join Wellsmith, you will gain access to a supportive community through a private Facebook group of other Wellsmith participants on their journey to better health, who can relate to your challenges and celebrate your triumphs. You will also receive tips for how to stay active, eat well, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Using Wellsmith

 How do I connect my devices?


Each health device you receive from Wellsmith is Bluetooth compatible and syncs with the app to seamlessly transfer and track your health data in Wellsmith. To connect each device, click on the individual devices for step-by-step instructions.



Activity Tracker for iPhone

Activity Tracker for Android

How will I know what to do every day?


Wellsmith compiles all your daily action items into one list, which is the first thing you see when you open the Wellsmith app. If you are in the app and want to reference your task list, just tap on the large blue dot in the bottom center of your screen and your task list will pop up.

How can I change the time of my medication reminder?


Any request to change your medication reminder must be sent to your Care Team, so they can update your Care Plan. This process keeps you and your Care Team aligned so they can best support you. To send a message to your Care Team Member, follow THIS guide.

Where can I view my prescribed medications on my care plan?


The prescribed medications registered on your Care Plan can be viewed in “My Meds” under the “Menu” tab. Follow THIS guide for step-by-step instructions on how to view them.

How can I view the details of all my measurements and activity?


You can review any of your previous measurements in a weekly, monthly, or quarterly view. Simply tap on a measurement icon, tap on the chart and select “Review Measurements.” For step-by-step instructions on how to view measurements, click on the individual devices.





How can I manually enter my measurements?


Manually entering your measurements into Wellsmith is fairly simple but varies with each device. Click on the individual devices below to access step-by-step instructions for manually entering your measurements.



Activity Tracker

 How do I set up my phone’s internal step tracker?


Wellsmith can track your activity through your phone’s internal step counter, but it’s important to remember you must carry your phone with you to have the steps counted. Click on the video for the type of smartphone you use, and watch the step-by-step instructions on how to setup your step tracker.



Can I use my own activity tracker?


Wellsmith automatically syncs with the iHealth Fitness Tracker only, but you can use your personal activity tracker and manually log your steps in Wellsmith. Follow THIS step-by-step guide to learn how manually log your steps.

Can other people use my scale?


The Wellsmith scale should only be used by you, as it measures and logs the weight measurement in the Wellsmith app every time it’s used. To avoid syncing incorrect information in Wellsmith, you should not share your scale.

How often should I weigh myself? 


The frequency of your weight measurement is established by your Care Provider and programmed into your Wellsmith digital care plan. At a minimum, you should weigh yourself according to your care plan; however, we encourage all participants to weigh themselves every day to build a habit and stay focused on their health goals.


How do I message my Care Team or Coach Bridgit?


Wellsmith’s in-app messaging is very similar to standard text messaging- you can send and receive messages within the app and are notified when with any new messages. Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to send an in-app message.


 How do I contact tech support?


If you are experiencing technical issues or need assistance with using Wellsmith, send Technical Support an in-app message.

  • Tap on the envelope in the top right corner of your Wellsmith app.
  • Select Technical Support
  • Type a message describing the technical issue and send
  • Keep an eye on your messages for a response!

For general questions, or to directly contact Wellsmith’s Support Team, email support@wellsmith.com

How do I reconnect a device that got disconnected from my phone?


Reconnecting a health device is simple but varies slightly with each device. Click on the individual devices for a step-by-step connection guide.



Activity Tracker with iPhones

Activity Tracker with Androids

How do I get a replacement device if mine isn’t working or I lost it?


Replacement requests are simple and easy, and many times, Tech Support can troubleshoot and resolve your issue without replacing it. Send Technical Support an in-app message about your device issue or email support@wellsmith.com 

For lost or stolen devices, send Technical Support an in-app message with details on which device is lost or email support@wellsmith.com and Tech Support will work with you to replace it.

What should I do if my weight isn’t loading onto Wellsmith?


If you are new to the Wellsmith program, you need to enter a starting weight before Wellsmith can begin capturing and tracking your weight. Before you step on the scale, open your Wellsmith app so the scale can sync your measurement with Wellsmith. Once you’ve measured your weight, there should be a notification in your wellsmith app asking if the measurement is correct.  When you click “yes”,  the starting weight will then appear on your weight graph.

If you’ve been using the Bluetooth scale and your measurement suddenly stopped syncing, send Technical Support an in-app message or email support@wellsmith.com, so Tech Support can troubleshoot your issue.

Why are my most recent glucose measurements not showing in Wellsmith?


Your glucometer may have lost connection with Wellsmith.

  • To reconnect your device, follow THESE steps.
  • If your device is connected, follow THESE steps to reconfigure it to Wellsmith.
  • If these solutions don’t resolve the problem, please send Coach Bridgit an in-app message or email support@wellsmith.com, so Tech Support can troubleshoot your issue.

Why can’t I pair my new glucometer with Wellsmith?


If you are trying to connect a new glucometer to Wellsmith and it’s not connecting,  your phone may still be paired to your old glucometer.

  • To disconnect your old glucometer, click HERE for step-by-step instructions.
  • To connect your new glucometer, click HERE for step-by-step instructions.
  • If you have tried both solutions and your device still won’t connect send an in-app message to Coach Bridgit or email support@wellsmith.com, so Tech Support can troubleshoot your issue.

Why don’t the steps on my activity tracker match my Wellsmith information?


If you use an iPhone, your Apple Health may be double counting your steps. To disable this, follow THESE steps.

Wellsmith Privacy

Is my information secure on Wellsmith?


Absolutely. Wellsmith is a HIPPA compliant platform which requires participants to enter their passcode at each login, so all information is secure. All Protected Health Information (PHI) is encrypted at rest and in transit. Each medical professional authorized to access and communicate PHI has a “Unique User Identifier” so that their use of PHI can be monitored. Wellsmith has an automatic log off to prevent unauthorized access to PHI when a mobile device or desktop is left unattended. You can learn more about HIPPA compliance regulations here.

Will Wellsmith share my information?


Wellsmith grants your Care Team access to your information, so they can support you in living healthy and provide guidance when you need it, however, we will not share your Personal Health Information with anyone who is not an authorized user.