Turn chronic disease Patients into your happiest, healthiest customers. Our digital platform and connected medical devices remove friction and put health in your Patients’ pockets.

Watch your management costs go down and staff morale go up.

Personalized Care at Scale

Wellsmith’s secure platform personalizes care at scale. Patients experience engaging, prevention-focused care while health systems experience increased capacity by decreasing physical utilization. Our simple tools guide Patients in their day-to-day health choices between visits, so office visits are more positive for everyone, reducing burnout and increasing efficiency.

Lower Risk and Raise the Bottom Line

Our connected devices – like blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, and scales – collect real-time data without adding another workflow burden for healthcare teams. Our actionable dashboards help assess and actively lower population risk by automatically alerting care teams to intervene early. Early intervention dramatically lowers cost, increases reimbursements, and improves health outcomes.

Frictionless is Your Competitive Advantage

Helping chronic disease patients care for themselves when and where they need guidance delivers far more than improvements in capacity, risk and cost. Solving the problem of scaling population health management is a strategic choice to become the first choice of patients and shareholders alike. Wellsmith removes friction, so your health system can glide to the top of your industry.

How It Works

Scalable, digital health management increases patient reach and improves quality of care without increasing infrastructure.