Our Mission

We are organized around one purpose: Improving the quality and length of human life.

Over the years, working in our respective health care, technology and consumer product fields, what was once a passing concern over the health of our colleagues, employees, neighbors, friends and family has grown to an ever-present anxiety.

Despite increasing investments underwriting care, programs expanding access to coverage, and sizeable institutional investments in conventional wellness programs, many people are no healthier or more conscious of healthier options in their day-to-day lives. Meanwhile, the healthcare and financial systems developed to support health care struggle to keep up with growing volume and shrinking reimbursements.

Despite nearly half a century of medical and technological advances—from mapping the human genome and ultra-sophisticated diagnostic tools, to accelerated computing power and automation using artificial intelligence—across corners of the industrialized world, life expectancy is in decline.

This much is clear:

  • The current healthcare system is unsustainable. More precisely, the episodic, break-fix mechanics of the healthcare system (and the financial model underwriting it) is not equipped to support the burgeoning always-on consumer culture.
  • Partisan, polemical rhetoric, often the result of government or institutional healthcare policy making, adds nothing to improving outcomes. In fact, it often negatively impacts outcomes.
  • Current solutions focus on optimization, intent on serving more people with fewer dollars. We must expand the definition of health care dollars, rather than limit it. We must innovate, or die.
  • Taking a page from the Cold War-era Space Race, elevating improved health and wellness outcomes as a global priority is our generation’s moonshot.
  • The greatest guarantee to sustained individual and institutional peace, prosperity, and value creation is improved health and wellness outcomes.

The time is now.

We are focused on four primary and related interests:

  • Elevate health and wellness outcomes as a top global priority, one community at a time.
  • Advance a unified consumer-first culture across healthcare, technology and retail.
  • Organize and deploy smart, interoperable, consumer-centric healthcare technology solutions towards the enrichment and vitality of real people lat all stages of life.
  • Garner extraordinary returns and significantly improve outcomes for our individual and institutional stakeholders.

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