Opening doors to healthcare
and consumers

Wellsmith sits at the intersection of healthcare and consumers, giving our partners unprecedented access to companies and consumers looking to improve health and health care.

Turning Technology into Experiences

We’re engineering new ways to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the daily lives of the people we serve. Our goal is simple: We want to make it easier, faster, and cheaper to be well. If your product or solution aligns with our goals, let’s talk.

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Mission by the Numbers

60 million fitness trackers will be in use by 2018.

1 billion health related app downloads expected in 2016.

Fully 57% of Americans believe online & mobile tools

can help them live healthy lifestyles.


Steve Monnier
VP of Sales and Marketing, iHealth Labs

“The biggest surprise and benefit of participating in trial with Wellsmith are its people and the platform’s ability to foster awareness. iHealth has never before seen the kind of daily glucose measurement numbers the platform drove before.”

Micah Rauton
Asst. Team Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, Greensboro

“I was really blown away when the trial participants brought their families to shop at [Whole Foods, Greensboro]. By the end of the trial I was on a first name basis with many of them, answering product questions, and making recommendations in line with their needs. I was really moved by the experience…I feel like we created positive change by raising awareness of food types and portions, and introducing new foods to our customers for their betterment and enjoyment… it’s the reason I got into the grocery business.”


Tracie Heavner
Director of Diabetes Prevention Program, Bryan YMCA Greensboro

“[People using the Wellsmith platform] are some of our most enthusiastic members—they put in the work and are highly motivated. Over the course of weeks, the YMCA team experienced high engagement and it was clear we fostered real change, not only in our members, but in our delivery.”

Victoria Glovitch
Owner, The WellnessXchange

“All I can say is wow! I’ve worked in behavioral science and personal fitness for over 10 years and the impact of this technology is astounding. I’m humbled to be included and offer my expertise and support kicking diabetes to the curb.”

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