Are you stuck in a frustrating cycle of confusing doctor’s visits and declining health?

It’s time to own your health. Wellsmith makes healthy living achievable by connecting a suite of health devices to your smartphone and reminding you to take action in the real world, when and where you need it. You and your healthcare team can see your data and progress, so they can support you as you build healthy habits. Patients using Wellsmith continually report feeling “in control over diabetes,” and you can, too.

Everything In One Place

Managing a chronic disease doesn’t have to be overwhelming with a personal health assistant in your pocket. Wellsmith keeps track of all your doctor’s recommendations for you, and delivers simple, actionable reminders that pop up just when you need them. You see everything in one place: when to take your medicine or your glucose measurement, how much exercise you need, and a simple food log to track daily meals.

A Direct Line to Your Healthcare Team

No more playing phone tag or waiting until the next appointment. You’re always connected to your healthcare team with Wellsmith. Send text messages quickly and securely to your healthcare team, who can use your data in the app to help you instead of waiting until the next visit. The less time you spend in a waiting room, the more time you spend living well.

Become Your Healthiest Self

Patients who use Wellsmith say that the platform has helped them get control of their disease. One healthy decision at a time, Wellsmith guides you with simple daily advice and actionable feedback based on your doctor’s personalized recommendations. Wellsmith helps you manage your chronic disease, so you become and stay the healthiest version of yourself for life.

How it Works

Actionable health guidance delivered straight to your smartphone makes healthy living simple.

What Wellsmith Participants Say

Wellsmith changed my life. It has given me the opportunity to be healthier and enjoy life!”
Amy Munson
Wellsmith Participant