Healthcare today is designed for the sick, and Payers are at the forefront of changing that with innovative wellness programs. Wellsmith takes those principles further empowering even chronic disease populations with the attention and action they need to reverse declining health – right in their pockets. Together, we can eradicate chronic diseases and build a healthier future. 

Know Your Population

Most of the factors that impact health outcomes occur outside a clinical setting. Wellsmith goes out into the real world on participants’ smartphones giving them guidance when and where they can use it, while capturing real-time data. Payers with Wellsmith gain comprehensive insights into the day-to-day actions that determine consumer health trajectories as well as rich population profiles that amplify the power and accuracy of your actuaries.

Reduce Costs &
Mitigate Risks

Why spend valuable resources modelling costly procedures to keep policies afloat when you can materially change the underlying risk factors themselves? Wellsmith has been shown in clinical trials to improve patient compliance and change behavior. Wellsmith empowers those with chronic health problems with always-on support. Understand your community’s behaviors and change them for the better, while reducing your risk with Wellsmith.

Elevate Your Brand

With Wellsmith’s actionable design and simple reminders, your policyholders can experience an enriching transformation of the patient experience, where they can get healthy with fewer office visits, less paperwork, and frictionless communication with their healthcare team. With Wellsmith, you become more than a healthcare brand. You become the catalyst that makes communities healthier.

How It Works

Digital health management activates a healthy lifestyle and reduces risk.

What Our Partners Say

Wellsmith provides patients with valuable information and feedback, allowing providers to better understand what happens to patients when they are not in the office, and thus assist them in their journey to get and stay healthy.”

Dr. Stacey Blyth
Primary Care Physician | Cone Health