Staff Story: Using Data To Make Better Decisions, Faster

Wellsmith is on a mission to eradicate lifestyle disease and create a healthier world by simplifying health management. We believe that America’s growing chronic disease epidemic is reversible, and our team of experts, who work passionately every day to prove it, are sharing their thoughts on how each one of them is helping to transform health.To kick of our staff stories, is John Steinmetz, Director of Data Science at Wellsmith and a man of many talents.  Need a pitcher for a pick-up baseball game?  John can throw a baseball 85MPH.  Need to noodle a 50-pound catfish?  Give John a call.  Suddenly curious about what noodling is?  Check YouTube.
John joined Wellsmith wanting to impact the direction of the company with data management and have a chance to work with great people.  “One thing that sold me about joining Wellsmith was Jeanne [the founder of Wellsmith] and her personal connection to the mission.  When you see leaders with that passion, you know the company will be going in the right direction,” said John when asked what made Wellsmith stand out to him compared to other potential employers.For John, there are bigger career goals beyond his day-to-day job.  He is using data to make Wellsmith smarter, “so that we can make better decisions faster.”  John strives to “let smart people do smart things” and provide the knowledge and tools to other employees that will help them make the biggest impact in the company and industry.  John firmly believes in the phrase “you’re only as strong as your weakest link,” and therefore has developed these habits of setting others up for success, not with a temporary crutch, but with the appropriate education, knowledge, and data.With 24 years of experience, John Steinmetz is exactly the man Wellsmith needs leading their Data Team. John appreciates that “Wellsmith is a place that allows [him] to do what [he’s] here to do, without all the other stuff that gets in the way,” and has been pleased to find “it feels like everyone else is here to do that to.”To learn more about John and his thoughts, connect with him on LinkedIn or check out a few of his blogs.– Challenging Everything We Know About Type 2 Diabetes Management With Data– Collection: Collect Everything, No Exceptions