Wellsmith has shown that our platform can help a consumer live a happier, healthier life. With Wellsmith, consumers can lower their medication or even reverse the impact of Type 2 Diabetes, but what are the benefits to the Health System or Healthcare Provider?

Wellsmith’s value is shown in the approach we take to solving three problems healthcare providers are struggling to understand.

Problem 1: Healthcare Providers are not connected to their customers

For example, Aetna Health offers its customers a free Apple watch.  This allows them to collect data to better understand and ‘mange’ their customers; however, they aren’t using it to reward (or punish) customers based on their activities, they are trying to make a digital connection.

While an Apple Watch may be a useful incentive to acquire or retain a customer, the implementation of a digital health solution can be the foundation for digital transformation that better connects Atena to its customers. If Aetna, and health providers in general, extend the value of a watch from a ‘give away’ to a digital connection that adds value to the customer’s life, then this connection can become impactful and meaningful. The ‘stickiest’ connection is one where both sides become dependent on each other.

Problem 2: Healthcare Providers can’t get their patients to follow their care plans

At best, 50% of chronically ill patients adhere to their care plans due to lack of understanding, lack of trust and many other reasons. Wellsmith solves this problem by converting complex care plans into Personalized Digital Care Plans™ that are simple, memorable and actionable, making it easy for consumers to follow.

Most smartphone-based care plans fail because the data they capture from the user is of little value or difficult for users to understand. Our Personalized Digital Care Plans are one part of a three-way communications vehicle that builds meaningful digital connections. Our digital care plans connect the consumer to their care team and sync their collected health data from their care plan to a portal that all can view. This connection creates a three-way communications cycle and becomes the lingua franca, or common language, they use to communicate.

This is how you turn a digital connection tool into a digital engagement tool and make it really sticky and meaningful.

Problem 3: Healthcare providers are struggling to reduce ever-increasing costs and declining revenues

The challenge that health systems and risk holders alike face in moving to value-based or member-based care models is that those models force systems to move to a population health view of care management while still navigating an episodic care model.

At the same time, systems must take on the daunting task of adding resources and effort to prevent a chronic but stable population from moving up in risk. These populations—those, for example suffering from lifestyle diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD and CHF—require a different, specific toolset that includes new ways to connect to, contact, manage and even educate those populations. This is where Wellsmith can help.

Wellsmith activates a majority of users, to follow a majority of their Care Plan, a majority of the time, and enables health systems and insurers to achieve patient activation and population care management at scale, potentially reducing the impact and cost chronic conditions have on the system over time.

It’s not what you do, it’s what your customers do

Many companies are working to solve this problem, but Wellsmith’s different and fresh approach is what’s unique. Wellsmith starts by solving the consumer problem: the need to integrate a care plan into their life. This approach is as an extension of the “consumerization of health” and expands upon work others have started. What’s unique about Wellsmith’s approach is it’s based not on a care plan we have devised but one prescribed by a user’s doctor. This is a significant step in creating digital connections and maintaining long-term engagement.

As our Founder, Jeanne Teshler points out in her blog Digital “Aha” Moment, “consumers will naturally adopt new behaviors in order to interact with new digital models that make sense to them.” What Wellsmith does solve the consumer problem of following a care plan, and we’ve found that, at the same time, we are helping healthcare solve three of its most pressing problems.