We Reject a Future with Chronic Disease

Wellsmith believes simple technology, memorable experiences and actionable data will eradicate chronic lifestyle disease and transform the healthcare experience for Patients and Practitioners.

What Do Policyholders Want More Than Insurance?

Give them health.

Healthcare today is designed for the sick, and Payers are at the forefront of changing that with innovative wellness programs. Wellsmith takes those principles further empowering even chronic disease populations with the attention and action they need to reverse declining health – right in their pockets.

Health Systems

Healthy Patients. Healthy Business.

Turn chronic disease Patients into your happiest, healthiest customers. Our digital platform and connected medical devices remove friction and put health in your Patients’ pockets.

Watch your management costs go down and staff morale go up.

Care Providers

You Came To Heal.

But so much of what makes your Patients diseased happens outside a clinical setting. Remove the friction of non-compliance. Wellsmith helps your Patients take control of their health with real-time data, enabling you to simply manage them between visits.


You Can Live Well.

Are you stuck in a frustrating cycle of confusing doctor’s visits and declining health?

You can get your life back. Wellsmith’s medical devices connect effortlessly with your healthcare team to send simple guidance to your smartphone out in the real world, when and where you need it.

What People Are Saying

Wellsmith is about creating the future, not waiting for it. A future focusing on keeping people healthy and supporting them in maintaining their own health.”

Terry Akin
Chief Executive Officer | Cone Health

“Wellsmith keeps me accountable. I am seeing positive results with good numbers and weight loss. Without this program, I don’t think this would be the case.”

Raymond Wittman
Clinical Trial Participant, Wellsmith

How It Works

Our digital health management platform removes friction by automating Patient prioritization and continuously engaging Patients with simple health guidance.

Wellsmith Innovation Pillars

Persuasive Design

An engaging consumer-centric interface with simple guidance.

Data Science

Real-time, actionable patient data for personalized care and intervention.

Wireless Connection

Frictionless measurement for complete health tracking.


HIPAA-compliant platform with secure in-app messaging.